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Issue DateTitle
An ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants of Laos toward the discovery of bioactive compounds as potential candidates for pharmaceutical developmentSoejarto, DD, Gyllenhaal, C, Kadushin, MR, Southavong, B, Sydara, K, Bouamanivong, S, Xaiveu, M, Zhang, HJ, Franzblau, SG, Tan, GT, Pezzuto, JM, Riley, MC, Elkington, BG, Waller, DP
Antimalarial constituents from Nauclea orientalis (L.) L.He, ZD, Ma, CY, Zhang, HJ, Tan, GT, Tamez, P, Sydara, K, Bouamanivong, S, Sothavong, B, Soejarto, DD, Pezzuto, JM, Fong, HHS
Bioactive constituents from Asparagus cochinchinensisZhang, HJ, Sydara, K, Tan, GT, Ma, CY, Southavong, B, Soejarto, DD, Pezzuto, JM, Fong, HHS
Biological evaluation of plants of Laos used in the treatment of tuberculosis in Lao traditional medicineElkington, BG, Southavong, B, Sydara, K, Souliya, O, Vanthanouvong, M, Nettavong, K, Thammachack, B, Pak, DH, Riley, MC, Franzblau, SG, Soejarto, DD
Ethnobotanical approach versus random approach in the search for new bioactive compounds: Support of a hypothesisGyllenhaal, C, Kadushin, MR, Southavong, B, Sydara, K, Bouamanivong, S, Xaiveu, M, Xuan, LT, Hiep, NT, Hung, NV, Loc, PK, Dac, LX, Bich, TQ, Cuong, NM, Ly, HM, Zhang, HJ, Franzblau, SG, Xie, H, Riley, MC, Elkington, BG, Nguyen, HT, Waller, DP, Ma, CY, Tamez, P, Tan, GT, Pezzuto, JM, Soejarto, DD
Medicinal plants: An important asset to health care in a region of Central LaosLibman, A, Bouamanivong, S, Southavong, B, Sydara, K, Soejarto, DD
Rourinoside and rouremin, antimalarial constituents from Rourea minorHe, ZD, Ma, CY, Tan, GT, Sydara, K, Tamez, P, Southavong, B, Bouamanivong, S, Soejarto, DD, Pezzuto, JM, Fong, HHS, Zhang, HJ
Studies on biodiversity of Vietnam and Laos: The UIC-based ICBG programSoejarto, DD, Gyllenhaal, C, Regalado, JC, Pezzuto, JM, Fong, HHS, Tan, GT, Hiep, NT, Xuan, LT, Binh, DQ, Van Hung, N, Bich, TQ, Thin, NN, Loc, PK, Vu, BM, Southavong, BH, Sydara, K, Bouamanivong, S, O'Neill, MJ, Lewis, J, Xie, XM, Dietzman, G
Study of Antimalarial Activity of Chemical Constituents from Diospyros quaesitaMa, CY, Musoke, SF, Tan, GT, Sydara, K, Bouamanivong, S, Southavong, B, Soejarto, DD, Fong, HHS, Zhang, HJ
Use of traditional medicine in Lao PDRSydara, K, Gneunphonsavath, S, Wahlstrom, R, Freudenthal, S, Houamboun, K, Tomson, G, Falkenberg, T