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Issue DateTitle
A major trichinellosis outbreak suggesting a high endemicity of Trichinella infection in northern LaosBarennes, H, Sayasone, S, Odermatt, P, De Bruyne, A, Hongsakhone, S, Newton, PN, Vongphrachanh, P, Martinez-Aussel, B, Strobel, M, Dupouy-Camet, J
A trichinellosis outbreak in Borikhamxay Province, Lao PDRSayasone, S, Odermatt, P, Vongphrachanh, P, Keoluangkot, V, Dupouy-Camet, J, Newton, PN, Strobel, M
A trichinellosis outbreak in Borikhamxay Province, Lao PDRSayasone, S, Odermatt, P, Vongphrachanh, P, Keoluangkot, V, Dupouy-Camet, J, Newton, PN, Strobel, M
Capacity Building in Response to Pandemic Influenza Threats: Lao PDR Case StudyPhommasack, B, Moen, A, Vongphrachanh, P, Tsuyuoka, R, Cox, N, Khamphaphongphanh, B, Phonekeo, D, Kasai, T, Ketmayoon, P, Lewis, H, Kounnavong, B, Khanthamaly, V, Corwin, A
Chronic Hepatitis B Prevalence among Children and Mothers: Results from a Nationwide, Population-Based Survey in Lao People's Democratic RepublicXeuatvongsa, A, Komada, K, Kitamura, T, Vongphrachanh, P, Pathammavong, C, Phounphenghak, K, Sisouk, T, Phonekeo, D, Sengkeopaseuth, B, Som-Oulay, V, Ishii, K, Wakita, T, Sugiyama, M, Hachiya, M
Difficulties in measles elimination: prevalence of measles antibodies before and after mass vaccination campaign in LaosKuroiwa, C, Xayyavong, P, Vongphrachanh, P, Khampapongpane, B, Yamanaka, M, Nakamura, S
Epidemiological and virological characteristics of seasonal and pandemic influenza in Lao PDR, 20082010Khamphaphongphane, B, Ketmayoon, P, Lewis, HC, Phonekeo, D, Sisouk, T, Xayadeth, S, Ongkhammy, S, Vongphrachanh, P, Tsuyuoka, R, Moen, A, Corwin, A
Influenza seasonality and vaccination timing in tropical and subtropical areas of southern and south-eastern AsiaSaha, S, Chadha, M, Al Mamun, A, Rahman, M, Sturm-Ramirez, K, Chittaganpitch, M, Pattamadilok, S, Olsen, SJ, Sampurno, OD, Setiawaty, V, Pangesti, KNA, Samaan, G, Archkhawongs, S, Vongphrachanh, P, Phonekeo, D, Corwin, A, Touch, S, Buchy, P, Chea, N, Kitsutani, P, Mai, LQ, Thiem, VD, Lin, R, Low, C, Kheong, CC, Ismail, N, Yusof, MA, Tandoc, A, Roque, V, Mishra, A, Moen, AC, Widdowson, MA, Partridge, J, Lal, RB
Region-wide synchrony and traveling waves of dengue across eight countries in Southeast Asiavan Panhuis, WG, Choisy, M, Xiong, X, Chok, NS, Akarasewi, P, Iamsirithaworn, S, Lam, SK, Chong, CK, Lam, FC, Phommasak, B, Vongphrachanh, P, Bouaphanh, K, Rekol, H, Hien, NT, Thai, PQ, Duong, TN, Chuang, JH, Liu, YL, Ng, LC, Shi, Y, Tayag, EA, Roque, VG, Suy, LLL, Jarman, RG, Gibbons, RV, Velasco, JMS, Yoon, IK, Burke, DS, Cummings, DAT
Risk of poliomyelitis importation and re-emergence in LaosKuroiwa, C, Vongphrachanh, P, Chosa, T, Murakami, H, Hashizume, M, Wakai, S, Tanaka, M
Seroprevalence of leptospirosis and risk factor analysis in flood-prone rural areas in Lao PDRKawaguchi, L, Sengkeopraseuth, B, Tsuyuoka, R, Koizumi, N, Akashi, H, Vongphrachanh, P, Watanabe, H, Aoyama, A
Short Report Serological Investigations of Flavivirus Prevalence in Khammouane Province, Lao People's Democratic Republic, 2007-2008Hiscox, A, Winter, CH, Vongphrachanh, P, Sisouk, T, Somoulay, V, Phompida, S, Kaul, S, Sananikhom, P, Nguyen, TY, Paul, RE, Brev, P, Bryant, JE
The Lao Experience in Deploying Influenza A (H1N1)pdm09 Vaccine: Lessons Made Relevant in Preparing for Present Day Pandemic ThreatsXeuatvongsa, A, Mirza, S, Winter, C, Feldon, K, Vongphrachanh, P, Phonekeo, D, Denny, J, Khanthamaly, V, Kounnavong, B, Lylianou, D, Phousavath, S, Norasingh, S, Boutta, N, Olsen, S, Bresee, J, Moen, A, Corwin, A