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Issue DateTitle
Detecting counterfeit antimalarial tablets by near-infrared spectroscopySengaloundeth, S; Green, MD; Fernandez, FM; Manolin, O; Phommavong, K; Insixiengmay, V; Hampton, CY; Nyadong, L; Mildenhall, DC; Hostetler, D; Khounsaknalath, L; Vongsack, L; Phompida, S; Vanisaveth, V; Syhakhang, L; Newton, PN
Detection of Burkholderia pseudomallei in soil within the Lao People's Democratic RepublicWuthiekanun, V; Mayxay, M; Chierakul, W; Phetsouvanh, R; Cheng, AC; White, NJ; Day, NPJ; Peacock, SJ
Detection of Human Papillomavirus Among Women in Laos Feasibility of Using Filter Paper Card and Prevalence of High-Risk TypesPhongsavan, Keokedthong, Gustavsson, Inger, Marions, Lena, Phengsavanh, Alongkone, Wahlstrom, Rolf, Gyllensten, Ulf
Development of a resource modelling tool to support decision makers in pandemic influenza preparedness: The AsiaFluCap SimulatorStein, ML; Rudge, JW; Coker, R; van der Weijden, C; Krumkamp, R; Hanvoravongchai, P; Chavez, I; Putthasri, W; Phommasack, B; Adisasmito, W; Touch, S; Sat, LM; Hsu, YC; Kretzschmar, M; Timen, A
Diagnostic methodssoulisakhone, MANIBOTH
Dietary and socio-economic factors associated with beriberi in breastfed Lao infantsSoukaloun, D; Kounnavong, S; Pengdy, B; Boupha, B; Durondej, S; Olness, K; Newton, PN; White, NJ
Differential patterns of endothelial and leucocyte activation in 'typhus-like' illnesses in Laos and ThailandValecha, N; Phyo, AP; Mayxay, M; Newton, PN; Krudsood, S; Keomany, S; Khanthavong, M; Pongvongsa, T; Ruangveerayuth, R; Uthaisil, C; Ubben, D; Duparc, S; Bacchieri, A; Corsi, M; Rao, BHK; Bhattacharya, PC; Dubhashi, N; Ghosh, SK; Dev, V; Kumar, A; Pukittayakamee, S
Difficulties in measles elimination: prevalence of measles antibodies before and after mass vaccination campaign in LaosKuroiwa, C; Xayyavong, P; Vongphrachanh, P; Khampapongpane, B; Yamanaka, M; Nakamura, S
Distribution of the two forms of Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte binding antigen-175 (eba-175) gene in Lao PDRDittrich, S; Schwobel, B; Jordan, S; Vanisaveth, V; Rattanaxay, P; Christophel, EM; Phompida, S; Jelinek, T
Diversity of human intestinal helminthiasis in Lao PDRSayasone, S; Vonghajack, Y; Vanmany, M; Rasphone, O; Tesana, S; Utzinger, J; Akkhavong, K; Odermatta, P
Diversity of human intestinal helminthiasis in Lao PDRPybus, OG; Barnes, E; Taggart, R; Lemey, P; Markov, PV; Rasachak, B; Syhavong, B; Phetsouvanah, R; Sheridan, I; Humphreys, IS; Lu, L; Newton, PN; Klenerman, P
Diversity of human intestinal helminthiasis in Lao PDRSayasone, S, Vonghajack, Y, Vanmany, M, Rasphone, O, Tesana, S, Utzinger, J, Akkhavong, K, Odermatta, P
Diversity of the 47-kD HtrA Nucleic Acid and Translated Amino Acid Sequences from 17 Recent Human Isolates of OrientiaJiang, J, Paris, DH, Blacksell, SD, Aukkanit, N, Newton, PN, Phetsouvanh, R, Izzard, L, Stenos, J, Graves, SR, Day, NPJ, Richards, AL
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