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Issue DateTitle
Predictive diagnostic value of the tourniquet test for the diagnosis of dengue infection in adultsMayxay, M, Phetsouvanh, R, Moore, CE, Chansamouth, V, Vongsouvath, M, Sisouphone, S, Vongphachanh, P, Thaojaikong, T, Thongpaseuth, S, Phongmany, S, Keolouangkhot, V, Strobel, M, Newton, PN
Prevalence and annual risk of tuberculosis infection in LaosArnadottir, T, Soukaseum, H, Vangvichit, P, Bounmala, S, Vos, E
Prevalence of intestinal parasite infections on a national scale among primary schoolchildren in LaosRim, HJ, Chai, JY, Min, DY, Cho, SY, Eom, KS, Hong, SJ, Sohn, WM, Yong, TS, Deodato, G, Standgaard, H, Phommasack, B, Yun, CH, Hoang, EH
Primary tree species diversity in secondary fallow forests of LaosMcNamara, S, Erskine, PD, Lamb, D, Chantalangsy, L, Boyle, S
Problem in ederlyVanhnivongkham, Phouthong
Prognostic indicators in adults hospitalized with falciparum malaria in Western ThailandNewton, PN, Stepniewska, K, Dondorp, A, Silamut, K, Chierakul, W, Krishna, S, Davis, TME, Suputtamongkol, Y, Angus, B, Pukrittayakamee, S, Ruangveerayuth, R, Hanson, J, Day, NPJ, White, NJ
Prospective study to determine accuracy of rapid serological assays for diagnosis of acute dengue virus infection in LaosBlacksell, SD, Bell, D, Kelley, J, Mammen, MP, Gibbons, RV, Jarman, RG, Vaughn, DW, Jenjaroen, K, Nisalak, A, Thongpaseuth, S, Vongsouvath, M, Davong, V, Phouminh, P, Phetsouvanh, R, Day, NPJ, Newton, PN
ປື້ມຄູ່ມືກ່ຽວກັບການກວດສອບໂປຣຕີນ[Protein Blotting Guide]ອາຈານ ສອນໄຊ ກິໂດຍຄໍາມ່ວນ, ສາດສະດາຈານ ດຣ ຈອນ ຢ􀆭ງຊອງ
Randomized comparison of chloroquine plus sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine versus artesunate plus mefloquine versus artemether-lumefantrine in the treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in the Lao People's Democratic RepublicMayxay, M, Khanthavong, M, Lindegardh, N, Keola, S, Barends, M, Pongvongsa, T, Yapom, R, Annerberg, A, Phompida, S, Phetsouvanh, R, White, NJ, Newton, PN
Randomized Soil Survey of the Distribution of Burkholderia pseudomallei in Rice Fields in LaosRattanavong, S, Wuthiekanun, V, Langla, S, Amornchai, P, Sirisouk, J, Phetsouvanh, R, Moore, CE, Peacock, SJ, Buisson, Y, Newton, PN
Rare human infection with the trematode Echinochasmus japonicus in Lao PDRSayasone, S, Tesana, S, Utzinger, J, Hatz, C, Akkhavong, K, Odermatt, P
Rational use of drugs: prescribing and dispensing practices at public health facilities in Lao PDRKeohavong, B, Syhakhang, L, Sengaloundeth, S, Nishimura, A, Ito, K