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Title: The Oral Health of Elderly Population in Lao PDR
Authors: chanthamalinh, vatsana
Issue Date: Oct-2008
Abstract: A cross sectional study was performed in Vientiane, Lao P.D.R using stratified sampling method. The objectives were to describe the oral health status and exposure to risk factors in the elderly population, and to determine service needs, A total of 300 elderly people, aged 60 years and over were selected for oral examination and questionare interview. the study found the mean loss to be 9.2 teeth per person and 2.3% were edentulous. the prevalence of dental caries was 84.0% and mean DMFT was 7.7 teeth perperson. These problem were not substantial in relation to the elderly in other countries in SE Asia. The prevalence of periodontal diseses was 89.5%. On the contrary, the severity was lower (89.5% had CPI= 2 and only 9.8% had pocket ≥ 4mm). There was no substantial difference between elderly in municipality and non-municipality areas. Prevalence of root caries was also low (0.7%). However, heavy calculus deposition might cause under estimation of the prevalence of pockets and root caries. The majority reported that they brushed their teeth daily, but many had other risk factors such as chewing areca nut, snuffing, smoking, and alcohol drinking. The need for restoration and prosthesis were high, suggesting that oral health care planning needs to emphasize on prevention and promotion.

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