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Title: Risk of poliomyelitis importation and re-emergence in Laos
Authors: Kuroiwa, C; Vongphrachanh, P; Chosa, T; Murakami, H; Hashizume, M; Wakai, S; Tanaka, M
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: LANCET
Citation: Lancet;28-Oct;2000;356;9240
Abstract: The declaration of poliomyelitis eradication in the western pacific region is scheduled for Oct 29, 2000, in Kyoto, Japan, Our survey in the border areas of the southeast Asia region, however, revealed that there remains a risk of re-emergence and importation of poliomyelitis into Lacs. We report the evidence based on our border area investigations during the past 4 years under the bilateral supervision of the governments of Laos and Japan.
ISSN: 0140-6736

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