Studies on biodiversity of Vietnam and Laos: The UIC-based ICBG program

Studies on biodiversity of Vietnam and Laos: The UIC-based ICBG program
Soejarto, DD; Gyllenhaal, C; Regalado, JC; Pezzuto, JM; Fong, HHS; Tan, GT; Hiep, NT; Xuan, LT; Binh, DQ; Van Hung, N; Bich, TQ; Thin, NN; Loc, PK; Vu, BM; Southavong, BH; Sydara, K; Bouamanivong, S; O'Neill, MJ; Lewis, J; Xie, XM; Dietzman, G
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Pharm. Biol.;;1999;37;
The UIC-based ICBG is a multidisciplinary, international research program, comprised of one academic institution (PCRPS/UIC, the base institution), two research institutions (NCST, Vietnam: RIMP, Laos). one national park (CPNP, Vietnam), and one industrial partner (GW). The goals of this ICBG are (a) to perform inventory and to promote the conservation of biodiversity of Vietnam and Laos; (b) to search for biologically active compounds front plants of Vietnam and Laos as potential candidates for drug development: and (c) to promote economic development in host countries (development of human resources, including strengthening of institutional infrastructure, and improvement of standard of living of communities participating in the project). The project's efforts are targeted to terrestrial organisms, specifically, the seed plants (angiosperms and gymnosperms) in Vietnam and Laos, while the therapeutic focus includes antimalarial, anticancer, antiviral/anti-AIDS therapies, and therapy against diseases of the central nervous system, including pain and Alzheimer's disease. For the implementation of the project, the 5-member Group is bound by a 5-way Memorandum of Agreement that defines the obligations and responsibilities of each member, and the joint obligations and responsibilities of all members together: Implementation of the project is effected through individual bilateral subcontractual agreements between the UIC and other member institutions. Members agree that more than 51% of royalty stream may accrue will return to the countries providing genetic material that led to the discovery and commercialization of a compound.
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