Conference Paper, August 19, 2017(Day2) : [20]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Aug-20172017 APAMED CentralOh, Hoon Kwon
23-Aug-2017Best Practices of Training Programs for Health ProfessionalsAlley, Allison
23-Aug-2017Best Practices for Amending Publications with the Continued Evolution of Academic PublishingTyler M, Coupal
23-Aug-2017Core Competencies for Scientific Editors of Biomedical Journals: Consensus StatementJosé Florencio F, Lapeña
23-Aug-2017The Dark Side of Publishing Predatory Journals – What are they and what can we do about them?L Munk, Peter
23-Aug-2017Dr. LEE Jong-wook - Seoul Project - Achievement and ChallengesYong, Choi
23-Aug-2017Editorial Office What Happens to Your Paper?What do Editors Do?L Munk, Peter
23-Aug-2017Education of ProfessionalismKiyoshi, Kitamura
23-Aug-2017Emerging Challenges and Solutions on Faculty Development of Health Professional Institutes in Lao PDROutavong, Phathammavong
16-Aug-2017Equality, equity, and reality of open access on scholarly informationSeo, Jeong-Wook; Chung, Hosik; Seo, Tae-sul; Jung, Youngim; Hwang, Eun Seong; Yun, Cheol-Heui; Kim, Hyungsun
23-Aug-2017Essential unique identifiers for journal and e-journal publishingLee, Choon Shil
23-Aug-2017IRIS Institutional Repository for Information SharingWHO WPRO Library
23-Aug-2017Journal Impact: Can we do better?Nicholas J, Talley
23-Aug-2017Medical Education in Lao PDRKetsomsouk, Bouphavanh
23-Aug-2017Open review and update of concepts in peer reviewAik, Saw
23-Aug-2017Peer Review BasicsLane, Trevor
23-Aug-2017Role and Responsibilities of the Copyeditor “Do I really need to have my research manuscript copyedited?”Sucharita, Kundu
23-Aug-2017“Smart Searching for Clinicians” Human Language to Complex SearchingA Vallibhakara, Sakda
23-Aug-2017The WPRO multimedia libraryWHO WPRO Library