Dr LEE Jong-wook–Seoul Project


  This project is meaningful in a way that 50 years ago, Seoul National University College of Medicine had been
under same situation with the aid from Minnesota project.

  During the 1960’s, 60 professors from the Seoul National University College of Medicine were trained on the
newest medical techniques at the University of Minnesota. The Knowledge gained by these professors played
a pivotal role in the improvement of medical care and health care standards in Korea.

  Seoul National University College of Medicine has produced a former WHO Secretary General, the late
Mr. Jong-wook Lee. In the spirit of Mr. Lee’s high achievements and efforts, Seoul National University College of
Medicine provides educational support to other countries which lack medical science and medical technology.

  Laos is one of three Southeast Asian countries near the Mekong River. There is only one National University
in the country. It is certainly clear that there is a lack of doctors and medical technologies which cause a high
death rate from disease.

  Due to the socialistic educational system and medical system in Laos, it is difficult for doctors to learn the newest
medical technologies.

9-year project

  • a. to invite Professors from Laos for 12 months for
    free medical education
  • b. to dispatch medical education professionals for
    consultation in setting up medical education model
  • c. to provide educational facilities and materials.