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1 Women experience a better long-term immune recovery and a better survival on HAART in Lao People's Democratic Republic Soulinphumy, K; Phimmasone, P; Saadani, AH; Ciaffi, L; Communier, A; Phimphachanh, C; Ecochard, R; Etard, JF(BMC Infect. Dis.;22-Jan;2013;13;, 2013)
2 Training Plan in Seoul National University College of Medicine KIDOIKHAMMOUAN, Sonexai(13 p., 2014-04-07)
3 A new species of Hemiphyllodactylus (Reptilia: Gekkonidae) from northern Laos (ZOOTAXA;Zootaxa;02-Jul;2014;3827;1, 2014)
4 The Western Pacific Region Index Medicus (WPRIM) - development and challenges (2005 – 2017) WHO WPRO Library(, 2017-08-23)
5 “Smart Searching for Clinicians” Human Language to Complex Searching A Vallibhakara, Sakda(, 2017-08-23)
6 Role and Responsibilities of the Copyeditor “Do I really need to have my research manuscript copyedited?” Sucharita, Kundu(, 2017-08-23)
7 Open review and update of concepts in peer review Aik, Saw(, 2017-08-23)
9 Medical Education in Lao PDR Ketsomsouk, Bouphavanh(, 2017-08-23)
10 Journal Impact: Can we do better? Nicholas J, Talley(, 2017-08-23)
11 Essential unique identifiers for journal and e-journal publishing Lee, Choon Shil(, 2017-08-23)
12 Emerging Challenges and Solutions on Faculty Development of Health Professional Institutes in Lao PDR Outavong, Phathammavong(, 2017-08-23)
13 Education of Professionalism Kiyoshi, Kitamura(, 2017-08-23)
14 Editorial Office What Happens to Your Paper?What do Editors Do? L Munk, Peter(, 2017-08-23)
15 Dr. LEE Jong-wook - Seoul Project - Achievement and Challenges Yong, Choi(, 2017-08-23)
16 The Dark Side of Publishing Predatory Journals – What are they and what can we do about them? L Munk, Peter(, 2017-08-23)
17 Core Competencies for Scientific Editors of Biomedical Journals: Consensus Statement José Florencio F, Lapeña(, 2017-08-23)
18 Best Practices for Amending Publications with the Continued Evolution of Academic Publishing Tyler M, Coupal(, 2017-08-23)
19 Best Practices of Training Programs for Health Professionals Alley, Allison(, 2017-08-23)
20 2017 APAMED Central Oh, Hoon Kwon(, 2017-08-23)
21 Construction & Development of WPRIM: Opportunities and Challenges Fang, An(APAME Convention 2017, 2017-08-18)
22 Activities of the Japanese National Committee for the Western Pacific Region Index Medicus (WPRIMJ) Masamichi Kitagawa; Kiichiro Tsutani; Kiyoshi Kitamura(APAME Convention 2017, 2017-08-18)
23 Current Status and Policies on Science and Technology of Lao PDR: support Institutional Capacity building for research SENGSOULICHANH, Siphone(Laos, 2017-08-18)
24 Strengthening health Research capacity Sengchanh, Kounnavong(, 2017-08-18)
25 Survival of Journals in the Web Era Hong, Sung Tae(Laos, 2017-08-18)
26 Data Sharing Statements for Clinical Trials by ICMJE Hong, Sung Tae(Laos, 2017-08-18)
27 Writing a Research Paper References Hee-Jin, Yang(APAME Convention 2017, 2017-08-18)
28 Structuring a Scientific Manuscript Supriya, Shanbhag(APAME Convention 2017, 2017-08-18)
29 Researh Capacity building and Intergration in real Practicing Wattanasirichaigoon, Somkiat(APAME Convention 2017, 2017-08-18)
30 Health Research in LAO PDR: Past, Present, and Future BOUPHA, Boungnong(APAME Convention 2017, 2017-08-18)
31 Ethics in Publication-Plagiarism Datuk, Lekhraj Rampal(APAME Convention 2017, 2017-08-18)
32 Writing the results and discussion José Florencio F, Lapeña(APAME Convention 2017, 2017-08-18)
33 Writing the materials and methods Wilfred, CG Peh(APAME Convention 2017, 2017-08-18)
34 Writing the introduction José Florencio F, Lapeña(APAME Convention 2017, 2017-08-18)
35 Retaining and rewarding peer reviewers Wilfred, CG Peh(APAME Convention 2017, 2017-08-18)
36 Preparing the title, abstract & keywords Wilfred, CG Peh(APAME Convention 2017, 2017-08-18)
37 Implications of recent clinical trial transparency regulations to medical journals, editors and authors T Mathew, Sam(Laos, 2017-08-18)
38 Publishing Ethics: Importance of Disclosures Trevor, Lane(APAME Convention 2017, 2017-08-18)
39 Lekhraj Rampal Datuk, Lekhraj Rampal(, 2017-08-25)
40 Equality, equity, and reality of open access on scholarly information Chung, Hosik; Seo, Tae-sul; Seo, Jeong-Wook; Jung, Youngim; Hwang, Eun Seong; Yun, Cheol-Heui; Kim, Hyungsun(Science Editing 2017;4(2):58-69, 2017-08-16)
41 The WPRO multimedia library WHO WPRO Library(, 2017-08-23)
42 Peer Review Basics Lane, Trevor(, 2017-08-23)
43 IRIS Institutional Repository for Information Sharing WHO WPRO Library(, 2017-08-23)
44 STRENGTHENING HEALTH RESEARCH CAPACITY Sengchanh, Kounnavon(, 2017-08-18)
45 The goal and objective for Dr Lee Jong, Wook training KIDOIKHAMMOUAN, Sonexai(, 2017-08-23)
46 ປື້ມຄູ່ມື ຫັດຖະການ ຄລີນິກທັນຕະກໍາເດັກ[Clinical of Pediatric Dentistry] PART2 Homsavath, Amphayvan(, 2017-05)
47 ປື້ມຄູ່ມື ຫັດຖະການ ຄລີນິກທັນຕະກໍາເດັກ[Clinical of Pediatric Dentistry] PART1 Amphayvan, Homsavath(, 2017-05)
48 ຫຼັກການຖອນແຂ້ວ[Principle of Tooth Extraction] Bounthone, Bounmanatham(, 2017-05)
49 ມາດຕະຖານສາ​ກົນ​​ເພື່ອ​ປັບປຸງ​ຄຸນ​ນະພາ​ບ​ ແພດສາດ​ສຶກສາ​​ຂັ້ນ​ພື້ນຖານ[World Federation for Medical Education] Daovy, Sinthavong(, 2017-05)
50 ການພະຍາບານເດັກເກີດໃໝ່- ການພະຍາບານເດັກທີ່ໃສ່ເຄື່ອງຊ່ອຍຫາຍໃຈ[Neonatal and Pediatric Ventilator Nursing Care] Douangchanh, Xayaline(, 2017-05)